Enchanted Insight


Amazing Things for You

I will offer you insights into ways in which you can incorporate the use of energy into your life to illuminate your core of love within.  Tarot and Intuitive readings provided over phone or video calls.  Tea leaf readings provided via email.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!   

Let Me Introduce Myself

Born with the ability to communicate with the spirit world through channeling, I have dedicated the past 30 years to helping others.  As a Seer, I am able to tap into your inner world and open a channel of communication to bring forward the information that you seek.  

I have spent many years collaborating with my spirit guides forging nurturing communicative relationships.  These relationships are foundational to my work.

I offer advice on ways to instill balance through Earth or Star based teachings, dependent upon your own connection to Source.  I am able to help you understand how to better utilize your personal energy, provide a window into past lives, recognize your path and purpose all while providing the tools to help overcome obstacles and blockages.  

Looking forward to meeting you,